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Student Psychologists are an amazing group of therapists who use skill-based counseling that is proven to be effective. They partner with you to help you gain the skills and coping strategies needed to meet your goals. Student Psychologists offer a beautiful, comfortable and caring environment. They are highly skilled and are passionate about helping you to overcome the emotional distress that gets in the way of your happiness. The choice to begin therapy is a courageous one. Student Psychologists consider it a great privilege to partner with a students who tries to improve various aspects of their lives.

getting into a treatment with highly skilled

We live in a world where we are pulled in many directions, often leaving us feeling stressed-out and overwhelmed. Our emotional well-being is the foundation of our lives. Getting into treatment with a highly skilled therapist who uses evidence-based practices to partner with you, so that you can learn skills and strategies to feel less stressed, have healthy and connected relationships, manage intense emotions, communicate more effectively and enjoy life more fully.

Lidia Pardo Alba

Psychologist |Italian | Spanish

I was born and raised in Spain, where I studied a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Since I became an expat myself when I arrived to The Netherlands 3 years ago, I progressively focused on psychological practice for expat population, implementing evidence-based treatments in an integrating way. I conduct sessions in Spanish (native), English and Italian.

Kendall Cygan

Psychologist | Behavior Analyst

I was born in the US. After graduating, I explored an area of psychology working with children with autism with my first Master’s degree. My interest did not stop there, with the urge to pursue my passion of helping others. I moved to The Netherlands to complete my second Master’s Degree, in counseling psychology. I am registered as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Anna Bezinger

Msc Psychologist | Certified gestalt-therapist

13 years ago I graduated from the university in Moscow. I’m a certified gestalt-therapist. I conduct sessions in English, Russian and Dutch. I believe that everyone has enough power and knowledge to live his/her life, but sometimes some help is needed and I’m happy to provide it. Psychologist is not just a professional he/she is also a person and you can’t split them.

Taya Slobodjaniuk

Founder | Clinical Psychologist

I was privileged to learn our world by extensive traveling and actually lived in Syria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ukraine, Dubai and Nigeria and worked for several years and experienced the beauty of different cultures. With my International mindset I visited 48 countries in this world and would love to continue. Don’t let others tell you how amazing the world is, see it for yourself!

Meet our team
It never ceases to amaze us the healing power of talking and listening. For decades we have worked with students facing many challenges in their daily lives. Not only will we talk, but we will also use other techniques to guide you on your journey including mindfulness and meditation. Through our work together we will learn about who you really are and what you really want to be. We are network provider within an International insurance & International Student insurance plans.


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We have a free of charge, consultation for you! where you are welcome to come and discuss with our psychologist about any questions you may have regarding mental health difficulties.

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