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Practice in Leiden

Schipholweg 103,
2316 XC Leiden

06-5752 6950

if you can't solve problem yourself, find help!

Use your social network for support. Everyone feels down or anxious at times, that’s just part of life. People may not have solutions for your problems, but if you can share them with others, you might start to feel less lonely. If support from your friends and family is not enough for the problems you are struggling with, make an appointment with one of our professional Student psychologist. We are here to help!

Practice in The Hague

Nicolaas Tulpstraat 69
2365XL The Hague

06-5752 6950

we can help you if you have problems such as:

  • lack of motivation and procrastination
  •  lack of assertiveness, anger issues, or trauma
  • fear of failure, fear of exams, perfectionism
  • stress, worried, anxieties, panic attack
  • problems with concentration, ADHD, OCD or other disorders
  • low self-esteem, low-confidence, and much more

our approach

The foundation of our psychotherapy practice comes from a strong belief in the importance of building a trusting therapeutic relationship. Our practice is based on an integrated approach, utilizing clinical models that are best for the students, helping them to make positive changes, find and cultivate their strengths, meet their goals, and relieve distress. We will engage with students in a supportive and non-judgmental manner, and work collaboratively. Working with students who are open to becoming more self aware and improving their lives, motivates our work. Our professional specialties are treating anxiety, fears, stress, depressive symptoms, childhood traumatic experiences, ADHD, OCD, Academic concerns & fear to fail, self-esteem, sensitivity to criticism, trust issues, and much more.

There are untapped strengths that lie within all of us. You will find yourself achieving more authenticity in your life once you gain a better understanding of who you are. I strive to help you harvest strengths within you and find new and more effective ways to make use of them.

We will work collaboratively to better understand what has been inhibiting you or standing in your way. Once we have a good grasp of this, we figure out how to break through using your own inner strengths and resilience. It is powerful and transformative to be a change agent in your own life.