Our psychologists are accessible and easy to approach. You are welcome to arrange a consultation to discuss any problems you might be experiencing. Contact one of our psychologists if you need contact about personal problems if you are feeling lonely or depressed, suffering from procrastination, having trouble with parents, a relationship or fellow students, or doubts about your choice of study. We can help you to deal with personal and study-related circumstances that might influence your academic progress. We do offer individual therapy and counseling. We provide our sessions in Leiden, The Hague, and Amsterdam.


Most disabilities are not as apparent as one would expect. This is the case for dyslexia, epilepsy, MS, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, deafness, RSI, and various mental health problems. Studying with a disability is nearly always more difficult and takes more time and energy than studying without an impairment. To make studying easier for people with a disability, a number of special arrangements and specialist facilities are available to these students. Our practice will focus on providing you with the support you need.


Seeking therapy can be difficult, but we offer a safe, compassionate space to address your concerns. Within our collaborative partnership, we’ll identify therapeutic goals while exploring the challenges you face. We are in depth-oriented psychologists, which means that we believe that greater self-acceptance and happiness come from deeper self-awareness about our life experiences. Understanding the ways parts of ourselves affect our behaviours and lead to repetitive patterns can help us clarify the ways our own actions can lead to unwanted outcomes. When you’re no longer inhibited by unwanted feelings, behaviours, and thoughts associated with the past, you’re free to develop more fulfilling and positive relationships while more fully enjoying your life. A positive therapy relationship, as well as the therapy process itself, facilitate positive change and growth.


Our mission is to provide you with an emotional shelter, assisting you in finding your path to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life. We are committed to a respectful, compassionate, caring, and judgment-free approach.

While we can’t change the reality that life is challenging, we can change the way you respond to it. We can work to lessen the feelings of being out of control and move you to a place of “I’ve got this”, by identifying what holds you back and enhancing your strengths.

During your first consultation with the student psychologist, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your situation and discuss the best course of action. The psychologist may be able to offer advice or provide information that helps you to resolve your difficulties.


We offer a free of charge 30-minute consultation in Leiden, The Hague, or on Zoom. You are welcome to come in and discuss with our psychologists any questions you may have regarding mental health difficulties.

On appointment only – plan your free of charge consultation through or